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Friday 27th September (Day 1, various city venues)

9:30 am – 1:00 pm > Workshop > Build Your Own Eurorack / Modular System Power Supply


This DIY workshop will provide hands on experience with building your very own Eurorack power supply, which you can take home at the end.

Power supplies are essential for Eurorack / Modular systems.  Participants will be guided through the process of building their very own supply from from the mighty Frequency Central DIY Brand.

Their power supply can power up-to eight Eurorack / synthesiser modules (see images below) and is fairly easy to assemble, even if you have no experience.  We provide full training and support.

The session will be led by Jonny Delaney,  who has been building Eurorack modules for a number of years.  Jonny teaches at Movin Music Academy (who has kindly funded this project) and makes modular based electronic music under The Fully Automatic Model pseudonym.

No past experience is necessary, as full training, equipment and parts will be provided. Participants will only be working with low voltages (15v), so the workshop is very safe too.

Workshop Cost: £45 (to cover our costs of PCB, external power adaptor and components) + booking fee

Venue: Nerve Centre, 7-8 Magazine St, Derry, BT48 6HJ

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1:00 pm – 2:00 pm > Workshop > Build Your Own Eurorack / Modular / Synth case

3U 84 HP Eurorack Case by Kevin Walsh

We have teamed up with synthesist, artist and all-round Modular Wizard Kevin Walsh, to bring you this fantastically designed 3U / 84HP wooden Eurorack / Modular / Synth case that you can see manufactured by the wonderful people at the FabLab, Derry.

All you need to do it put it together with the help of the FabLab staff, before taking it home to start your Eurorack system!

Venue: FabLab, 7-8 Magazine St, Derry, BT48 6HJ


Cost: £14 (to cover wood, glue and other associated costs)

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2:00 pm – 6:00 pm: Build Your Own Eurorack / Modular System Filter (VCF)

We have teemed up with synthesist and artist Kevin Walsh, who has designed a fantastic Eurorack clone of the filter from the Sequential – Pro One. 

This filter is a voltage controlled 24dB (4 pole) lowpass filter based around the legendary CEM3340 IC. The filter features voltage control for both the cutoff and resonance and have a very unique sound that has stood the test of time.

Below is a demo of a prototype that Kevin made, especially for the festival

Filter Prototype

Venue: Nerve Centre, 7-8 Magazine St, Derry, BT48 6HJ


Cost: £25 (to cover our costs of PCBs and components)

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4:30pm –5.30pm: Free Studio Tours Across The City (more studio tours on Saturday) 

Cost: Free

We’re delighted to be featuring open studio tours of:

North West Regional College

Location: NWRC, Foyle Block (Strand Road) 2nd Floor

Time: 4:00pm – 4:30pm


Book a free tour by emailing:

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Blast Furnace Studios 

blastThe Blast Furnace is a state of the art recording and mixing facility 10 minutes walk from Derry City centre.  Established in 1995, they have built a solid reputation for high-quality output and professionalism in a wide range of services for musicians and film-makers alike.

Location: Unit 11 Rath Mor Business Park, Bligh’s Lane, Londonderry BT48 0LZ

Time: To be arranged when booking via email below


Book a free tour by emailing:

1:00pm  – 5:30pm:  Drop into one of Irelands largest independent records shops and check out our selection of free performances, hands-on equipment demos, DIY instrument showcases and more.

Yellow Yard Hight Res-08

Drop in, join in or just hang out and enjoy this fantastic free event spanning the Friday and Saturday of the festival, from 1-5.30pm.

Friday Lineup and Times

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM > Ed Devane with a DIY Instrument demo and live improvisation

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM > Subfusc  is a live improvisation performance with drums, modular synths and contact mics

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM > BJC Cassette with a DIY Instrument demo and live improvisation

4:00 PM – 5:30 PM > This is where anything can happen.  The table is yours (soundsystem and mixing desk provided)

Cost: Free and you can drop in any time for some excellent music, performances, demos and make sure to check out the amazing Yellow Yard and Abbazappa Record Shop

Abbazappa Records & The Yellow Yard Map


Abbazappa Records is busting with all-sorts of of pre-loved and new vinyl, from across a wide variety of genres and periods.  Not only that; the shop stocks all-sorts of turntables, tape machines, music clothing and more.  It’s a crate diggers paradise!


7:00 pm – 9:00 pm:  Quadraphonic Sound Event, with Analogue On, The Fully Automatic Model & Rayon Vert and Brian Bridges

Foyle Building > Foyle Theatre (on the right)

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This Quadraphonic performance will be different from most of the performances you will hear this year, mainly because there will be four large PA systems (sound-systems) at each corner of the theatre, with you and the performer in the middle.

Each artist can send and rotate specific sounds between speakers,  bounce specific frequencies quickly or slowly from one space to another, while immersing other sounds across all spaces collectively.

Participants are encouraged to walk / dance freely around the space, as the performance has the potential to change sonically, depending on where you’re standing.  Experiment!

Location: North West Regional Collage > Foyle Theatre > Ground Floor (just through the main front door)

Analog On (live quadraphonic and video synthesis performance)


Analog On is an experimental electronic music ensemble that composes and performs on vintage and modern analogue electronics and modular synthesisers.

The group consists of Shauna Caffrey on oscillator, saw and electronics, Richard Duckworth on modular synthesizer and effects, and Lara Albergo on electronics, theremin and synths. Liz Gleeson joins in on theremin and electronics from time to time.

Analog On released their eponymous first release in 2017—recorded on the iconic Moog System 55 in the Moog Sound Lab at the Tonmeister Studio in Surrey. This was reviewed by Babyblaue-Seiten: “Analog On offers wonderfully dusty, quite original retro electronics, but also very timeless glides through the ether”.

“The aesthetic is that of the time-warp cultist with retro and future aesthetics co-existing in the same cultural and temporal space – there is more than a passing reference to that glorious era inhabited by Dockstader and Ciani.”

These days, Analog On is diving into analogue video synthesis and further refining the presentation of the music through quadraphonic sound with some bespoke electronics.

Lara Albergo has just completed a masters in Arts Management at UCD and, in addition to her Analog On appearances and creative input, is our very talented manager and booking agent.

Shauna Louise Caffrey is a musicologist and multi-instrumentalist based in Dublin, Ireland. She is a founding member of Analog On, with whom she has performed at Ideopreneurial Entrephonics II, EMG Presents (Wesleyan University, Connecticut).

Richard Duckworth studied electronic music under Herb Deutsch at Hofstra University – this is where he was first introduced to the Moog modular system. He worked as a sound engineer at CBGBs for many years, and is now based at Trinity College Dublin.


The Fully Automatic Model & Rayon Vert ( live modular quadraphonic improv )


This is a joint performance project by Rayon Vert and The Fully Automatic Model, which is an improvised electronic piece, brought to you in quadraphonic sound, via two musicians and an array of ever evolving hardware and software.

The Fully Automatic Model is the pseudonym of Jonny Delaney,  who is a musician, synth builder, synthesist, designer, photographer, lecturer and all-round creative juggler, based in Derry, Ireland.

Jonny also runs Movin Music Academy  and   Culture Glitch Records 


Rayon Vert is the pseudonym of Rory Donaghy,  who is a musician, engineer, lecturer and all-round creative force, based in Derry, Ireland.

Rory runs The Blast Furnace recording studio, which is a fantastic space for sound exploration.

Brian Bridges 


Brian Bridges is a composer/sound artist and lecturer; from Dublin, but based in Derry since 2008.

Brian’s musical output currently centres around drones, environmental sounds, alternate tunings and microtones; his Oscillations and Modulations set will focus on synthesised microtonal drones. He studied some of these practices in the US with late microtonalists Glenn Branca and Tony Conrad, and closer to home, at Trinity and Maynooth, where he completed his PhD and set up a 23-piece microtonal electric guitar ensemble funded by the Arts Council of Ireland. Apart from microtones and tuning, Brian also explores spatial and immersive electroacoustic music with the Dublin–based Spatial Music Collective.

Ed Devane 


Ed Devane is a sound artist, instrument designer and educator. He started his creative career as an electronic music producer before taking numerous digressive paths through design, craft, code, and building interactive sound installations.

Currently, Ed’s live set up features a number of home made electronic and electro-acoustic instruments created with Arduino and analog electronics, plus an electric zither.  His live sets rely heavily on effects, feedback, improvisation and luck.

Ed maintains a design studio in Donegal, Ireland, and since 2018 has been trading under the name Soniphorm, offering educational experiences and audio products. Ed has previously worked as a technician in NCAD Dublin and teaching assistant in University of Limerick to interaction design and music technology students. He has given instrument building workshops for a growing list of organisations within Ireland including DCCOI, Creative Ireland, Science Gallery, The Ark and many more.

Cost: £4 / £5 + BF

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9:00pm – Late:  Main Concert / Live Electronic Music Event 

Friday Night

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We are delighted to have been able to put together a fantastic lineup of artists for out main event and to showcase it in on of the City’s most interesting buildings.

Cultúrlann uí Chanáin, Derry
Cultúrlann uí Chanáin Theatre, Derry


The lineup is varied musically, with live artists playing anything from ambient electronics, cinematic, shoegaze, techno and every oddity in-between.   See below for more info…

Shammen Delly

Shammen Delly hails from Donegal in the far North of Ireland, where his surroundings and lack of distraction, help influence their ethereal and surreal soundscapes, with gritty, saturated, distorted, slow breakbeats, warm piano leads, with a hint to a minimal classical influence.

After several compilation appearances and live shows supporting the artists such as Ulrich Schnauss, David Kitt, Anodyne and Tom Middleton (global Communication), the duo released their debut album on Dublin based label ‘Psychonavigation Records’ in 2013, followed by the release of their first EP “Midnight Sessions”

Since then, Shammen Delly have released a number of influential  tracks on Culture Glitch Records.


People That Listen to the Sky


People That Listen to the Sky are a two piece from Ireland/New Zealand based in Donegal/Derry.  The experimental noise they make is total improvisation, unplanned & live.  Expect ambient, gothic, shoegaze, post rock, industrial, experimental noise. 

Nordl3  > Live Modular Synth / Hardware Performance

nordle system.jpg

Derry based modular synthesist and electronics wizard Kevin Walsh (Nordl3) has been flying under the radar for quite some time; designing, making and creating electro, techno and all-sorts of underground electronic based compositions on his home made system!

Nordl3’s live setup has to be seen and heard to be believed… and with the soundsystem and space we have him playing on/in, we are rather excited…and you should be too!

Kevin has designed some lovely workshops where you can build and take home your very own Eurorack Filter and 84 HP case.  More Info about workshops


Derry based artist Nazir will play O&M for the first time this year and promises to bring his unique live performance and sound to Culturlann.

Not bound by genre, Nazir’s productions eloquently flow between the darker rolling grooves and the melodically infused electronica.  His live performance at this years Celtronic Festival  was fantastic.

Nazir has been doing incredibly well this year with a string of solid releases, as well as performing at a number if Irelands festivals and most respected radio stations.




Voven is the pseudonym of Leon Crocket.  A musician that has been involved in a number of fantastic projects over the past few years, such as producing music alongside the Ulster Orchestra, Phil Kieran and The Fully Automatic Model.

Musically, Voven produces rich and evocative electronica and has played a number of shoegaze and ethereal influenced live sets across the country over the past few years.

Voven is currently putting the finishing touches to his second EP, which is due to touch down before the end of the year.

Check out Vovens music via Soundcloud below


Michael McElroy


Michael McElroy is a composer, musician and artist that focuses on producing electronic based music for live performance, installations and spaces.

Over the past few years, Michael has completed a number of fantastic albums and is in the process of finishing a fantastic piece that focuses on music for airports (Michael is also an air traffic controller).

Distorted Perspective DJs

DPlogo (1).jpg

Paul Brown and Vincent O’Callaghan make up part of the Distorted Perspective collective, which is a group of like-minded individuals who run an alternative music and art festival, celebrating contemporary sound, psych and avant-garde art, in Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.

Vincent and Paul and have been collecting and spinning music for over 30 years, so their sets are versatile and their musical palette well tuned.  Expect anything from Techno to Ambient,  Ethereal to dark electronica, past to present to future gems.

Location: Cultúrlann uí Chanáin


Cost: £ 5/6/7 (presale)

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Above information is subject to change.

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