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Would you like to contribute? Please contact us via the form below.

Application Deadline: Friday 16th August 2019 (extended from 9th)

We are looking for:

  • Live electronic acts (hardware based mainly or a combined hardware / software setup)
  • Modular synthesists (foe live performance and or workshop facilitation)
  • Instrument designers and or hackers, noise and or drone instrument makers (and anything in-between)
  • Panellists and facilitators for a number of discussions and workshops on modular synthesis, Ableton Live, new equipment tech (DIY and other), instrument building and hacking, plus anything else related (surprise us!)
  • Artists working with cassettes, tape loops and modified machines.
  • Self sufficient installation based artists working within mediums such as sound design, generation and or manipulation; visual arts related to sound.
  • Volunteers! We need help to make sure the festival runs smoothly.  If you would like to help out, please get in touch below (age restrictions may apply at some events)
  • Vendors are welcome to contact us if they have a relevant service that may contribute to the festival

Before applying

Please note that this is non funded, not for profit, DIY festival, which is put together by artists, for artists.  The organisers / artists work on a voluntary basis.

Most of the festival events are free and the paid events are designed to cover themselves (all being well!)

For the above reasons, it is unlikely that we can pay artists in monetary terms, however we try our best to be fair and transparent at all times to everyone that partakes at the festival.

The festival ethos is community with a DIY attitude.

Application Deadline: Friday 16th August 2019 (extended from 9th)

Thank You.


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