September 27th & 28th – 2019

Oscillations and Modulations 2019 Flyer

Oscillations & Modulations is a two–day festival of synthesisers and electronic music, which takes place 27th-28th September 2019 in various locations throughout the city of Derry.

The festivals’ goal is to celebrate and explore an expanding ecosystem of electronic music culture, joining the dots between the music makers and teachers, synthesiser designers and performers, music studios and music spaces that help to shape and inspire the musical landscape of the city and beyond.

This years festival promises to carry the same principles and ethos forward, while cultivating new ideas, technologies and music.

A brief overview of what to expect

  • Modular synthesiser building workshops
  • Hands-on workshops on modular synthesiser systems
  • Talks / Q&As with industry professionals on new and vintage synthesisers and more
  • Free open days at a number of local music studios
  • Various music events across a number of the city’s most exciting spaces
  • Showcases and live performances from local and not so local electronic artists
  • Showcases from instrument builders, hackers and exploring all things DIY
  • Live Quadrophonic performances



If you’re interested in being involved, please feel free to contact us.

O&M 2019

Check out last years promo video below